DJ Lineup


Twitter: @aruappare
Soundcloud: appare
Twitch: aruarun

Co-founder and Creative Director of AniParty – DJ Appare has worked to push the boundaries of DJing since the inaugural AniParty volume, beginning with the infamous four-hour show that launched the faithful anikura phenomenon in North America.  His DJing abilities are out-of-the-box, and when combined with his DJ sets, his amazing sense of humor shines through. He specializes in everything A-Pop, with a particular fondness for tokusatsu, super sentai series, PSO2, and a dash of profound nostalgia. Honestly speaking, you’ll never see it coming!

DJ Pleasant

Twitter: @zakenna
Instagram: @zakennah
Soundcloud: zakenna
Twitch: zakenna

Co-founder of Aniparty, based out of New England, DJ Pleasant spins the latest anisong beats to classic earworms, and everything Akiba-kei that lays in between. Versed in A-POP culture, he crafts sets that bring along good feels and high energy to keep the crowd yearning for more!

DJ Dekimasen

Twitter: @djdekimasen
Instagram: @djdekimasen
Soundcloud: djdekimasen
Twitch: djdekimasen

Hailing from NYC and the DJ collective, AniParty, DJ Dekimasen delights fans with anisong anthems, idol music and more! New or old, cute or cool, high-energy or house-tiger… this DJ spreads 神曲 (kamikyoku, great song,) with otaku everywhere!

DJ Wazahai

Twitter: @thebign
Instagram: @djwazahai
Soundcloud: djwazahai
Twitch: thebign
DJing since 2018 from the DC Metro area, DJ Wazahai has been a fan of anisong DJs for a long time, and a fan of anisong in general for even longer. He aims to be a borderless A-Pop DJ, including songs from anime, Vocaloid, Idols, Seiyuu, Vtubers and other otaku subculture works into his sets. Streams often, but always 草.

DJ Moero

Twitter: @ssgoverlord
Instagram: @ssgoverlord
Soundcloud: djmoero

From the NYC-based anisong and A-POP DJ collective, AniParty, DJ Moero always celebrates his favorite music from anikura culture – from anisong, idols, J-pop, and everything in between.

DJ SignalΔ

Instagram: @gindesune

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